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Make Yourself at Home

Hospitality reimagined

July 2017,
Press Release

Podgorica – Montenegro: CentreVille Hotel & Experiences has arrived. Designed to disrupt Montenegro's hotel landscape, it's a first of its kind and flagship of the brand's new and eclectic collection.

Perfectly placed at heart of The Capital Plaza complex in Podgorica, it offers a place like no other. Modern, minimalistic and replete with elegance, it's a boutique city hotel which flawlessly intertwines warm living with a businesslike sense of purpose.

The distinctively shaped glass exterior is in sharp juxtaposition to the serene grey tones and signature red splashes of colour which dominate the interiors. Each and every element is thoughtfully designed so that every experience - from a short holiday, to an important business meeting - is infused with comfort, purpose, experience and memories.

The interior design combines accommodation with urban art exhibits, whilst embodying an environment of homelike comfort and unprecedented space - this provides an interactive experience for guests throughout each element of their stay

Service comes in the form of a trendy team of lifestyle curators - on hand to create the most memorable of visits. Relaxed, competent and friendly are words used to describe the interaction.

There isn't a lobby - instead there is The Living Room. It's a destination for coffee, dining and cocktails - a comfortable space adorned with low slung couches, book shelves and vintage finishings. Guests are encouraged to make it an extension of their own living room - to relax in cosy corners, set up a mobile office or meet friends whilst inhabiting Podgorica's bustling atmosphere.

Encased within this unique structure are six floors and a total of 122 guest rooms and suites. Thoughtfully placed lighting, relaxed furnishings and an abundance of practical facilities - including state of the art technology and designer amenities - offer guests a convenient home away from home.

Room types consist of Small, Large, Signature Small and Signature Large whilst suites take on a regal theme of Executive Suite, Diplomatic Suite and Presidential Suite. Guests staying on the Signature Floor and in the suites are invited to enjoy the complimentary luxuries of the Signature Lounge.

The Presidential Suite is on a another level of luxury. Two plush bedrooms, stand alone bathtubs, walk-in wardrobes, a grand piano, bar area and vast outdoor terrace make this the city's most aspirational location.

A destination for meetings and events - the hotel has an entire floor is dedicated to dynamic function space. From international press-conferences and weddings of the movers and shakers, to blue-chip corporation conferences and everything else in between, the team are well versed in accommodating the most memorable of occasions.

The hotel will lead the way in innovative stay packages - combining exciting elements of CentreVille Hotel & Experiences with local culture and 'money can't buy' experiences.